Happy Friday + recent eats

April 21, 2016

Hello, Friday!

If you’ve been following my blog for a few months you may have noticed that I don’t really stick to a format with my topics. Aside from my weekend recaps and Stitch Fix reviews, I don’t have a set schedule. Should I? I’m on the fence. I have dozens of posts in mind and I like the idea of having a routine, however, I love the free flowing posts. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to write about until the evening before or that morning. If anyone has thoughts about this, please let me know.

Friday seems to be a good day to share some of my recent eats. I captured a full day of meals/snacks earlier this week.

5:15 am – rise and shine

Coffee + homemade almond milk (<–seriously, SO creamy!)

No water. Just couldn’t drink it this morning.

7:00 am  – breakfast

3 hard boiled eggs + a side of kale massaged with olive oil and then mixed with avocado, sunflower seeds, and a tablespoon of leftover non-dairy pesto (made from pistachios and basil). After I snapped this pic I mixed the eggs with the kale and mashed it up. I LOVE egg bowls. They are the best!

recent eats

I stopped for a second cup of coffee on my way into work. I went with Starbucks’ coconut misto.


10:15 am – snack

Many, many handfuls of pistachios while reading through a project report (I really should have these portioned out) and a pink lady apple.

Lunch (post workout ) 1:30 pm

My lunch pic doesn’t look glamorous, but I can assure you it was tasty! I mixed together a turkey cutlet and a chicken breast with sauteed kale, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. Underneath this mound of green and protein is half of an avocado.

a fit mess eats

I also ate an orange that was delicious and juicy. Taking Vitamin C after your workout is a a great way to repair muscle tissue and it also aids in recovery.


4:00 pm – snack

I was feeling hungry and didn’t want to wait until dinner so I ate two rice cakes with almond butter on top. Trader Joe’s has the BEST almond butter!


6:00 pm – dinner

We ordered takeout from Nantucket Grill. I usually get their soba noodle salad with chicken, but this time I went with the blacked salmon over a bed of greens. It was also topped with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, and pine nuts. YUM!


7:30 pm – snack

A little while later I ate a banana with coconut flakes, almonds, chopped dates and drizzled that with peanut butter. I also had a small glass of almond milk.

The End.

From around the web – here are some videos and articles I found interesting:

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Have a wonderful weekend!

What are your favorite snacks? Anyone else unstoppable when snacking on nuts?

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