Weekend recap: workouts, the runaround, food and more

March 7, 2016

Happy Monday to you, friends! We had a pretty low-key weekend, but managed to pack a bunch of stuff in as usual.

Friday morning I woke up to this friendly reminder:


potty training

(Skip the next two paragraphs if you have NO interest in hearing about this.)

Potty training has been SUPER challenging for me. We tried hard around the holidays, but the girls ended up getting sick…like three times. Back to back (to back) illnesses. And when your kids get sick, all your progress goes out the window. Then we traveled and you know how that goes. So, potty training just stopped.

Now the girls are just straight up refusing it. I’ve tried several things, including candy bribes (I know!), but it’s not happening consistently. Part of me (Ok, a lot of me) is reluctant to do it because I have an idea of the repercussions : accidents everywhere, public restroom nightmares, the constant clean up…times TWO. I’m also concerned about the burden it will put on the girls’ other caregivers. Eww, I just want to fast forward through this stage.

My weekend started early at Orangetheory. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit. I am absolutely in love with these fuscia capris from Athleta. They are really soft, but supportive. Not see through at all. I have been trying to incorporate more color into my workout gear since I’m usually dressed in black, like a ninja.

hot pink capris - Althe

In case you’re curious about my workout details, here they are:

Highlights: I burned 547 calories, had 10 “splat” points (the number of minutes your heart rate is up in the orange and red zones) and spent nearly 24 minutes in the green (fat burning) zone. Maybe I should do a separate post about OTF for those who are curious?

After class, the girls and I hit up Whole Foods to meet a friend for breakfast. A & M enjoyed bacon, sausage, eggs, pineapple, and plantains. I let them choose everything and didn’t stress that they had zero veggies in this meal. There may have been a gluten free cookie, but that was gone before I could snap a pic! Ha – I love those tiny fingers creeping towards the bacon.

Whole Foods with toddlers

After breakfast, we walked around for a bit and then parted ways. I took the girls to grab a few things for dinner plus some random items that one could expect to buy at Target. I picked up Enjoy Life chocolate chips, grapes, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, wine, evolution greens drink, chicken wings, Applegate sausage, deli meat, sweet potato fries, a spray bottle. The girls wanted to buy some flowers so those were included as well. I really love having fresh flowers in the house.


More running around which also included a stop at Petco where I kept saying over and over, “Don’t put your hands on that!” Could there possibly be a germ-ier place?


Sunday was a bit of the same, except Maddie woke up at 4 am because she had a bad dream and wanted to sleep with us. I couldn’t fall back asleep so I went downstairs for coffee. I started reading Big Magic after it was recommended to me. I swear, it’s like Elizabeth Gilbert is in my head.

Later that morning, Matt went to grab groceries (it’s insane how much food we buy) and then the girls helped put it all away.

imageUm, I guess you could say we like our coconut cream. Seriously, though, we LOVE this stuff. I use it in my coffee, smoothies, and for desserts, like the coconut cream pie I made not too long ago. Mmmm.


We spent a lot of time outdoors and at the playground. My sweet girls are growing up fast.

my girls

The girls napped later and I worked out and did some more studying. I truly can’t explain how much I am enjoying learning. I am so engrossed in it right now. #nerd

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night we watched House of Cards when the girls went down. I freaking love that show!


Last week’s workouts included:


Hot yoga at Hot Asana (75 min)


REST – this wasn’t planned I just had way too much stuff to do that day and couldn’t break away


Orangetheory class (lots of running on high inclines, a whole lot of upper body work…triceps were sore for days)


Upper body super set and core work

4 rounds:

  • one-arm bent over row: 8-10, rest 30 seconds
  • flat DB press: 8-10, rest 30 seconds

4 rounds:

  • seated DB curl: 8-10, rest 30 seconds
  • seated DB shoulder press: 8-10, rest 30 seconds

3 rounds:

  • weighted lying leg lifts: 15 total, no rest
  • spider-mans: 15 each side, no rest




Orangetheory class – endurance: sprint and row intervals with TRX movements


Yoga plus core workout (oh my aching abs). I also took a walk with Maddie and did a bunch of lunges while holding her. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was crazy.


How as your weekend?

Any shows you are loving lately?

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  1. LOVE House of Cards. Started the new season last night. Have fun with Big Magic and my advice on the potty training thing? It will happen when it is ready to happen. Can’t force it. Well, you can but it will be a frustrating process. What worked for my little lady was fancy panties…sigh.

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