Coffee for the win + a typical day of eating

March 9, 2016

but first, coffee

I absolutely love coffee. I don’t think I would have survived my early years as a parent without it. I also don’t think I would have been able to complete the Whole30 if coffee was not allowed on the program. That would have been a deal breaker for me.


Since Matt leaves before me in the morning, the coffee is always ready by the time I get up. Ninety percent of the time, what motivates me to get out of bed is knowing that there’s coffee downstairs. We had a Keurig for a couple of years, but decided to ditch that for a few reasons and go back to drip. My favorite coffee is Peets!

I typically have two cups a day – one in the morning before work and then I’ll pick up a second coffee (usually from Starbucks because redperks is always sending me free beverages and Target is on my way…I swear!). Any more than two cups and I can get a bit jittery. On the weekend I will sometimes have three cups when I’m feeling crazy.

So, I thought I’d share a typical day of eating with you. I don’t often take pics of my food – mostly because I am too hungry and want to dive right in – but I thought it would be interesting to document a full day of eating. This was from last Thursday.

Wake up (5:00 am)

Water. I’m horrible about remembering to drink water in the morning. I try to keep a glass in my bathroom and chug it down when I wake up. Then, coffeeeee.


Breakfast (7:00 am)

Leftover crockpot chicken thighs mixed with veggies and steamed spinach. Half of a small avocado and a few strawberries on the side. I love having leftovers for breakfast. It’s a great way to mix up your breakfast routine.


On the way to work I stopped at Parker and Otis for a second coffee. Side note: I could spend hours in that store shopping around. I usually bring a small serving of homemade almond milk with me and add it to my cup.


Snack (around 10:30 am)

An apple with a few tablespoons of almond butter.


Workout (12:15 pm).

Water! In total, I filled up my bottle 3x, so I probably drank around 8 cups of water that day. Pretty good for me.


Lunch (1:30 pm)

Spinach salad with three hard boiled eggs, steamed broccoli, olives, strawberries, carrots. I drizzled evoo and lemon on it before eating it. I also ate half a cup of raw almonds. I tend to go overboard with nuts sometimes.


About an hour later, I had a few squares of dark chocolate. I love this kind.


Happy hour (5:30 pm)

I was definitely in need of some wine that day so I poured myself a glass of pinot noir.


Dinner (6:45 pm)

This was a bit random and also not totally nutritious, but sometimes that happens. I ate a turkey burger, french fries (yes, I eat those!) and a side of pickled veggies.


8:00 pm

Later on I had a small bowl of Cheerios with almond milk and a few tablespoons of peanut butter on top. I love snacking while we watch Netflix, but it’s not the best habit. TV and snacks seem to go hand in hand for me. Ha!

What snacks do you enjoy in the evening?

For ideas on eats, check out my post on my go-to Paleo snacks!



  1. I could not live without coffee. And I am not even joking. I have probably 3-4 cups in the am. Hard to really count b/c I top it off mid way so that I do not have to add any more half and half or sugar. Don’t tell Matthew about the sugar. I tried Stevia, and will use that for sweetener for other things, but coffee needs real sugar. Then water, water, water…. until 2pm. Then I head to Starbucks for my 30oz green coffee bean drink. I need to be better about water in the afternoons, but when I am teaching I need iron bladder, especially when I teach Tues and Wed and am flying solo. Once school is out, that will be my priority.
    And, about fries. We try to do sweet potato fries at home, but there is nothing better than the garlic fries at Tyler’s. But if you try them, make Matthew eat them too so you both have garlic breath 🙂

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