Body weight exercises: no equipment needed

March 31, 2016

Our trip is right around the corner and I promised myself I’d start packing our things this morning, yet I’m still sitting here drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet. I’ve been putting off packing, well, because you end up bringing a lot of stuff when you travel with twins. I can throw my things together no problem, but I need to be more thoughtful with the girls.

Instead, I’ve started to think about what workouts I will try and squeeze in while we are away. Of course, I plan on taking a run on the beach at least once. But, I also want to make sure I get some strength training in during my time away from the gym. I’m going to aim for at least two workouts and just play it by ear for the rest. I may want to lounge around since we are on vacation, but honestly, I am able to relax more on a trip when I’ve gotten a workout in. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to do something new and try different movements.

So, here’s a roundup of some body weight exercises that are perfect for travel. No equipment needed…which of course means no excuses!

Hotel Room HIIT Cardio Session

This one is from and was created by athlete and fitness model, Jen Jewell, who spends a lot of time on the road. This is a great high intensity workout that can be done virtually anywhere. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can just simulate holding one.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 11.10.57.png

I’ve included the image below in case you want to pin it, but you can also link to it directly from my Pinterest page!

HIIT body building

This one would be a good one to try with a group of people or your kids. There are a lot of quick movements and the short intervals and reps make the time go by quickly!

Do-Anywhere Body Weight Workout

This next one is from POPSUGAR and seems like a good one. I can’t imagine it taking more than 20 minutes (not including a warm up and cool down). The movements should be done slow and with control, but if you want more intensity just add 1 minute of cardio between each circuit (jumping jacks, squat jumps, skaters, etc.).


30 Or Under Workout

This is a workout I shared recently on my blog. It can easily be completed in 30 minutes or less (depending on how many rounds you do). For the jump lunges off the bench, you could do this using the bottom step of a staircase or just do regular jump lunges on the floor. Dips can be done directly on the floor or with a chair.

30 or under workoutPlease let me know if you have any questions about these movements! And, as always, please speak with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.


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