Weekend recap and workouts + new car

February 29, 2016

Hi everyone! How is it Monday already? I’m off from work today because I have a bunch of errands to do, including meeting with our accountant to review and finalize our business taxes. Taxes are definitely a painful part of owning a small business. It seems like we are just giving our money away at times.

Anyway, let’s not cry first thing in the morning, k? I’m going to be doing some other things today that will bring my spirits up a bit: a workout (my sister will roll her eyes here), lunch plans, studying and writing, anddd shopping. We’ve been in our house for 15 months now yet I feel like I still have so much I want to do. We have family coming to visit soon and that always gets my butt in gear.

So, let’s get to the weekend highlights, shall we? I began my weekend with a manicure and some La Croix. Friday night was craaazzzzyyyy.


imageSaturday I got my workout in at OT which felt so good. The class was full of hill sprints, rowing, and tons of shoulder work. The 60 minutes flew by. Love getting ‘er done first thing in the am.


The rest of the morning I ran around with the girls. We visited Barnes and Nobo (as Ashlyn says) and stayed for over an hour.


imageAfter Matt came home from work I left to pick up my new car! Eeek! I love it so much. Yes, I am another mom with a Subaru, but I’m psyched because it’s an awesome vehicle. Technically, the Outback is considered a wagon. When I came home and showed the girls, Maddie got upset and cried, “No, Mommy! You need a black car, not a white car. A black carrrrrrrrrr!” I guess I should have discussed the color with the girls beforehand.

Anywho, I am going to try really, really hard to keep her clean and refrain from having hundreds of cheerios creep in to every nook and cranny like my last car. Lofty goal, I know.


The whole process could not have been easier. You should check out Performance Subaru in Chapel Hill if you need a new car. I highly recommend! They have a pretty amazing team there and everyone was super helpful.

Later I celebrated with some wine and cuddles with my family.

This is me celebrating with wine.

Sunday funday started early. Way early. Ashlyn made her way into our bed and we woke up around 4 am because she kept thrashing around and kicking us. She’s definitely going to be a soccer player when she’s older.

The day was filled with lots of outdoor time, playground, cars, chalk. I mean everything.



There was also the not so fun part of folding all this laundry. Our washer and dryer have got to be from the early 90s and yet they manage to put up with the constant cycles of laundry we do in our house.


I had planned to run later and found myself thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn’t go. I decided I just needed to get out there. I was so glad I got out because it felt oh so good.

The weather has me thinking about spring which has me thinking about summer. I love the hot weather and cannot wait until it’s back to tank tops, flip flops, and dresses. I am all about dresses.

Since it seemed like a lot of people liked seeing my workouts I thought I’d throw that in again.

Last week’s workouts:




4000 meter row (I went easy the first 3 minutes and then rowed 45 seconds fast followed by 45 seconds easy until I reached 4000 meters)


3 rounds:

  • DB bench press (30#) 8-10 reps
  • DB side crunch (25#) 12 reps per side

3 rounds:

  • one-arm DB row (20#) 12 reps per side
  • DB wood chops (15#) 10 -12 reps per side

3 rounds:

  • DB overhead press (20#) 8-10 reps
  • calf raises holding 30# DBs 12 reps


30 or under workout at the Y


AM: 30 minutes yoga

PM: cardio & strength

run 1 mile


4 rounds:

  • push ups (down slow, push up fast) AMAP
  • chin ups (strict!) AMAP (I did 4 rounds of 4 for a total of 16)

4 rounds:




Orange Theory class


AM: 50 minutes yoga

PM: 3 mile run (8:14/mi) + 1.5 mile walk

I’m trying to take it easy with running since my lower left leg has been nagging me. The weather was so awesome (70s) and I felt really good. My intention was just to run 3 miles, but I could have gone father. The old me would have pushed for another 3 miles, but I decided to be smart and I just walked another 1.5 miles. I iced when I got home and then put my legs up the wall for about 10 minutes. This helps to flush out the legs and it’s also a good hamstring stretch.


Have a great week, my friends!

PS – I just got into Instagram. I know, I know. I’m like 5 years late, but I’m a creature of habit and Facebook has really been my main form of social media. So, look me up on IG sometime.




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