There and back plus weekend recap

February 15, 2016

I’m back from Naples. It was a super quick work trip for me.

I left for the airport early in the afternoon on Thursday and made a stop at the store to grab a snack before my flight.

Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups = Heaven.

I got to the airport with plenty of time and was able to get some work done while I waited for my flight to arrive. I decided I wasn’t too excited about the book I brought and found this one.

While I did feel a bit like I was buying a self-help book it’s really interesting and I’m already halfway through because both of my flights were delayed.


I eventually landed, but couldn’t get my Uber app to work. I decided to grab a taxi instead. The driver was waaaayyy too chatty and had no idea what he was doing. He got us lost (lost!) and then he took me to the wrong hotel. I wish I was kidding. Our trip took three times as long as it should have. Luckily, it was a flat rate, but by the end I was in no mood. I made it to the hotel around 11:30 pm, showered and then crashed.

The next morning I got up and headed downstairs to the lobby for coffee and then back to my room to work.

An hour later I did a quick workout in my room. I put a towel down on the floor just because I was a little skeeved out. It was a good one!

20 min AFAP (PaleOMG):

10 v-ups

15 pushups

20 air squats

25 mountain climbers

After the 20 minutes, I then completed 3 rounds of the following:

band walks (30 total)

band pull aparts (30 total)

I quickly showered and got ready to go.

The plan was to meet my colleague downstairs and head to the club for our event. I missed the breakfast in the lobby so I ate a banana and some almonds before we left.

IMG_6810The event was held at a local country club and it was gorgeous. The weather was 75 and sunny. I was kicking myself for not bringing Matt and staying through the weekend.

Following the event we changed and headed to the airport. Things went much smoother on the way home. I was back around 11 pm, emptied my suitcase (anyone else have to do that as soon as they get home from a trip?) and then went to bed.

I slept in till 6:30 am (that’s late for me!) on Saturday and jumped out of bed to shower before my ladies woke up. They got up around 7 am and it was soooo good to see them. Even though I was only gone for 2 days it felt like much longer. I seriously missed those little cuties.

We all had smoothies for breakfast. This one was a cherry, banana, spinach number (using a frozen smoothie pack). Afterwards we played for a bit and made daddy a valentine.

img_6831Matt left for work and I took the girls to Whole Foods for a late breakfast. They ate bacon, plantains, cantaloupe, pineapple and black beans (their choices). Afterwards, we walked around outside for a bit and then headed back home.

A little while later Matt came home and asked if I wanted to take a run. I wasn’t planning on working out that day because I have been feeling off after my travel, but I can never refuse the chance to get out for a run. So out I went. It was around 30 degrees, but very sunny. The wind was crazy strong and I really had to push against some gusts at times. I did 4 miles with an average pace of 7:54.


Later that evening we watched The Martian which was just so-so. I have seen way too many movies that involve rescuing Matt Damon from space.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day so we gave the girls their treats.


Here’s what I ended up going with:

  • magic marker stamps
  • animal stamps
  • socks
  • magic wands
  • stickers
  • notepads
  • YumEarth organic gummy bears (I only gave them a couple)
  • fruit


Then the girls had breakfast: eggs and bacon, raspberries and greek yogurt mixed with some strawberry jam. Afterwards, we played inside for most of the morning.


I later went to an Orangetheory class and then did some cooking while the girls napped. I made a chocolate peanut butter pie using just 5 ingredients and it turned out really well. I will share the recipe soon.

We’re looking at a possible snow day here – I can hear the sleet now. Happy Monday!


  1. I have to unpack my suitcase as soon as I am home too…..never knew it was a thing 🙂
    Samantha saw your hotel work selfie and said “she’s beautiful.”

    Stuck at home today with no car, so I might try your hotel workout in our workshop.

  2. Loved 10% Happier! Actually listened to the audio version of it on one of my trips to SFO when I had a bunch of driving and have been trying to incorporate meditation ever since. (Can’t you tell how calm I am 😄?)

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