The many benefits of sweet almond oil

February 9, 2016

Do you have one of those products that you just couldn’t imagine life without? That’s the way I feel about sweet almond oil. Today’s post highlights the many benefits of sweet almond oil and how I incorporate it into my daily routine.


I was first introduced to sweet almond oil a few year ago during a massage. I loved the smell right away and when I found out what it was I hurried home to buy it online. After doing a bit more research, I discovered that sweet almond oil is loaded with vitamin E. Unlike a lot of moisturizers that have vitamin E added to them, sweet almond oil contains a purely natural form of the vitamin. Plus, it’s full of monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc (and other minerals and vitamins).


Sweet almond oil has many benefits, but it’s primarily used to enhance and rejuvenate skin and hair. Here are my personal favorite uses:


Moisturizer (face and body): I have a pretty minimal skin care regime. I typically stick with two things: tea tree oil face wash and sweet almond oil. I have sensitive skin so I am always careful with what I choose to put on my face. I use almond oil to remove eye makeup (place a few drops on a cotton ball and gently wipe around eyes) and after I cleanse for a moisturizer. Even though it’s an oil, it’s not greasy in the way that you’d think. It gets absorbed quickly and I don’t even notice it after I rub it in. And, if you have oily skin it will actually help balance your skin tone since the fatty acids in almond oil loosens clogged pores. I have also noticed it helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles under my eyes (a lifelong curse).

It’s great for an all-over body moisturizer or to following your dry brushing routine. I feel good knowing that I’m putting something completely natural on my skin.


Relieve sore muscles: I’ve been trying this for only a few months, but I have noticed a subtle difference in my recovery. I massage the oil into whatever spot is sore (99% of the time my shins and calves) and work it in until the oil is gone. Typically, I do this after I have showered so that the oil gets absorbed even faster into my skin. I think the combo of the massage and the oil has really improved my tight muscles.


Got super achy muscles? Here’s an even better technique: warm the almond oil in the microwave until it gets really hot. Apply the hot oil to the troublesome muscles and massage in well. Take a wet, hot wash cloth or towel, wring it out, and cover the massaged area for around 30 minutes. This treatment works by drawing the toxins out.


For shiny, happy hair: Love this one. After washing my hair, I will apply one to two drops to my ends. I often warm it up first by rubbing the oil between my hands. Next, I comb my hair straight and let it air dry. This works better for me in the evening when I have the time to let my hair dry on its own. Boom! Shiny and beautiful hair. It doesn’t leave my hair greasy or with a heavy feeling. Plus, I think it kind of acts as a detangler, but that could be in my mind.


Know what else you could use sweet almond oil for?

  • To strengthen nails
  • To relieve dry or itchy scalp
  • Aid with eczema or excessively dry skin
  • Heal minor irritations


I believe if the sweet almond oil is listed as “food grade” then you can eat it, but I haven’t tried that personally. I would urge you to check your labels carefully. This is the only kind I ever use and I have found the best price on Amazon. You can also find it at Whole Foods, but it’s more expensive. Be sure to stay away from bitter almond oil. More risk than it’s worth.

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