Interview with Matthew Alegre, CSCS

February 3, 2016

You guys! I have a fun post for you today. One of the reasons I started this little blog was to offer healthy living tips. I plan to incorporate interviews with various experts in the health and fitness fields to share some diet and exercise advice.


I am excited to feature my very first interview with the BEST personal trainers and health coaches around. Matthew Alegre is the founder and owner of Carpe Diem Personal Training. Of course, he just so happens to be my husband so I am biased, but I do think he is the best. Enjoy!


Interview with Matthew Alegre, CSCS

Founder and Owner of Carpe Diem Personal Training, Inc.


  1. Name: Matthew Alegre, Daddy, Coach, Maestro (OK, the last doesn’t get used very often).
  1. In five words or less, describe what you do. Help people look better naked.
  1. What’s your training philosophy? Discover the most efficient way possible to reach YOUR goals (not someone else’s) and then go after it.
  1. What does a typical workout look like for someone you train?  I see clients for 30-60 minutes at a time. Everyone has their own personalized training plan, which always includes weight training. The devil’s in the details though as the specific methods of training are manipulated according to the client’s needs and capabilities. Success often depends on the little things: the sequence and execution of the movements and how they fit into the overall plan. We lift, push, pull, sprint and carry our way through fun and effective training sessions.
  1. If you had to choose between eating well and exercising, which is more important and why? Eating well because you can’t out train a bad diet.  Even if someone is thin and appears to be in-shape, if their diet is crap, then their blood work and body fat analysis will show it. You may not have the chance to exercise every day, but you eat and drink every day so the return on the investment is greater in that regard.
  1. In your experience, what is the number one mistake people make when trying to lose weight? They cut calories while doing steady cardio. Instead, they should replace starchy carbs and sugar with more veggies, protein and good fats while focusing on weight training and interval sprints. This will get you the results you seek 99% of the time. I also think it’s important to differentiate between weight loss and fat loss.  If you lose 5 lbs. of fat while gaining 5 lbs. of muscle your number on the scale may look the same. This can be discouraging for people who think the goal is to get a smaller number on the scale. A better way to track this would be to use your weight plus your body fat to lean muscle mass ratio. That way you’ll have a complete picture of your weight loss, but more importantly your fat loss and muscle gains.
  1. What are your top 3 tips to living a healthy life? Sleep better, eat better, love more. To elaborate – a good night’s sleep means you hit the pillow and wake up 7-10 hours later. Eat better by trying to stick to the following advice: if it didn’t at one time run, swim, fly or grow from the earth, don’t eat it. Lastly, love more by being grateful for what you have every day, following your passion, and always being true to yourself.
  1. Describe your typical meals.

Breakfast – Always a high fat, protein and fiber meal (i.e. meat and nuts), diesel coffee with MCT oil (or coconut oil) and cinnamon. Water with lemon. Supplements.

Lunch – This is usually post-workout so some lower fat protein source (i.e. chicken, turkey, or white fish) along with some fast acting carb like white rice or rice pasta. I also have a greens drink (I like Wellness Greens by Poliquin Group) along with supplements.

Dinner – Whatever my wife has cooking in the crockpot – usually meat, vegetables, and a starch like potatoes. Supplements.

Snacks – These are usually smaller meals (#2 and #3 throughout the day). If it’s pre-workout, then I will have a good protein and fat source (ie. grass-fed beef, bison, pork, etc.) along with vegetables. I bookend any starchier carb and veggies later in the day and post-workout.

Sweets – The only sweets I eat are typically various dark berries and the tasty Paleo treats Alyssa makes. She has shared some of these recipes on the blog already. So good!

Drinks – The only drinks I have are good clean water, unsweetened almond milk, quality coffee and The Macellan 12- single malt scotch.

  1. Other than your wife, who inspires you today? My clients because they are all extremely busy and driven people with demanding lives, yet they take time out to train and strive to be even better!

You can read more about Matthew by visiting his website.

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