I’m getting schooled + a workout to smoke your legs

30 or under workout
February 25, 2016

Hey there. I hope anyone on the East coast stayed safe in yesterday’s storm. We got a small taste of it in Durham. At one point we were all ushered into a central room at my office to wait it out. Crazy winds and rain.


I’m busy as ever between chasing after the girls and work and now studying for my PT certification. Can I just say that studying anatomy and physiology is hard…like really hard! I have a background in business and marketing. I think the last time I took a science class was chemistry was in 11th grade. Matt, trying to be helpful, sent me the image below as a reference. Um, okaaayyy. I wasn’t terrified until now.


Learning anatomy - a fit mess

Of course, I needed all new supplies before I got to work. Notebook, notepad, sticky notes, index cards, and an index card holder (did you really think I would just let the index cards scatter everywhere?). Not pictured: highlighters, pencils, and pens. I’m all set!


I like a good challenge, but this is for real. I mean, here’s an excerpt from my manual:

personal training certification

I sent this picture to a friend who got a good laugh. I need a translator to read some of this stuff. What is interesting is that I am now able to connect some of the movements I have been doing with the actual muscle chains, fibers, and contraction types. It’s actually quite fascinating.#gymnerd


I took a practice exam online and got 45% so clearly I’ve got some work to do. I have been strength training for almost 10 years, but I usually just follow a program from Matt or one I have created on my own. I have a decent understanding of body movements and strength training, but that’s because I have learned it on my own through personal experience, research, etc. It’s a whole other game to understand the science behind it.


You know what’s also hard? Learning on your own. I’ve always taken a class that you are physically present for. And, most of the professors (well, the kind ones) would give you an idea of what you will be tested on. I’m essentially on my own for the majority of the course. It’s going to take more discipline that I anticipated to do the work while still having a life.


Anywho, enough about that. It kind of sounds like I’m complaining, which is not true and kind of annoying.


Let’s switch gears to a workout! This is a good one and will definitely smoke your legs.

30 or under workout

Have a great day!


  1. Good luck with your PT goal. Being in school and a mom is super hard, but it will allow you to carve out a profession that will help you be a more present mom once you are done. But it is not easy. I almost quit graduate school sooo many times after becoming a mom. If I could go back to school now, I would study dermatology. I love all things skin related.

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