Business travel + hotel room workouts

February 11, 2016

Hey there! Today I am headed to Naples, FL for work. It’s a quick trip and I’ll be home late Friday evening. Rest assured I have a post planned for tomorrow. 🙂


It’s actually the first time in years that I have been away without the girls and Matt. I have the opportunity to travel more for work, but it’s difficult to do since Matt works such long (and early) hours. We would need to find additional coverage for the girls or he would have to cancel with some clients. That’s just not professional when you run your own business.



Even though I’m travelling I plan to workout every day. I find the best way to ensure you do your workout is to prepare and plan ahead. Pack your workout clothes and anything you want to use first so you don’t forget (I always bring a few exercise bands with me and a tennis ball for rolling my feet out). I also pack a garbage bag to throw my sweaty workout clothes in when I’m done.


If the hotel has a gym (I think this one does) I will use that. If not, I will just bang out one in the hotel room. I have a few 20-minute workouts that are my go-to-home/hotel workouts so I may do those.


Other hotel room workout ideas:

Ultimate Hotel Room Workout

Bodyweight Workout

FullSizeRender (00C)

And, of course, I need to bring snacks. Homemade trail mix: almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cocoa nibs. A few Lara bars, apples, clementines, and more almonds. Dark chocolate to be added.


In other news, I was lactosed yesterday. I was at a seminar for work and the lunch options were pretty slim. I opted for the vegetarian sandwich and the dressing on it was a cream cheese spread. I knew I shouldn’t eat it, but I did it anyway. I was starving. I spent the rest of the day and night feeling sick and horrible. I’ve made an effort to avoid dairy, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. And, sometimes I make the choice to have it and must accept the consequences (I love me some M&Ms).


Anyone else riding the dairy-free train? I don’t have an allergy (luckily), but I’m lactose-intolerant so I try to stay away from it.


Any other travel workout tips? I would love to hear them!




  1. I usually do sprint intervals when out of town. I never travel solo, so I always have a trusty sidekick named Samantha to do them with me. She is not good about the rest intervals, but we have fun. Imagine the stares from beach walkers while we did burpee and jump rope intervals 🙂

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