Benefits of dry brushing

January 7, 2016

Have you ever heard of brushing your skin? Chances are you have, but you may not know what the benefits of dry brushing are or how it may actually improve your skin.


I started dry brushing last spring after visiting an aesthetician about some skin issues I was having. Mainly, I was frustrated that I still had loose skin on my stomach from my pregnancy. Surprisingly, she recommended I start dry brushing. It took a few months before I started seeing results, but I have definitely noticed a difference since starting to brush. I also found some extra benefits that I wasn’t even looking for.


Now I absolutely love dry brushing and I look forward to doing it almost every day.


Dry brushing is just as it sounds – brushing your skin with light to medium pressure. I start at the bottom of my feet and work my way up, brushing each area 10-20 times. This is the brush I use and I love it. It was recommended by the aesthetician.

dry brush

I will continue to dry brush mostly because I love how it feels. It really invigorates me in the morning. But, there are additional benefits to dry brushing:


  1. Improves circulation and stimulates blood flow
  2. Softens and tones skin
  3. Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  4. Removes toxins by supporting the lymphatic system


A few tips:

  • Always brush toward your heart
  • Use quick, short movements
  • Shower immediately after to remove any dry skin or oils (if you can stand it, cold water would increase circulation)
  • I wouldn’t recommend dry brushing your face
  • Apply a good oil or lotion to your body afterwards (I love using jojoba oil or sweet almond oil)
  • Replace your brush every 6 – 8 months


Here is a great article for more information about dry brushing and how to do it properly. Now go out and brush your beautiful self!

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