A typical morning

January 22, 2016

Hello, Friday! I have missed you. North Carolina is currently in a frenzy for the much anticipated snow. There isn’t anything but a dusting right now so it’s kind of nice to sit and see a tiny bit of snow on the ground.


I’m excited for this weekend because we have some fun things planned. We are getting together with our close friends and hosting dinner at our house. I know we will be having wings and wine, but I haven’t planned the rest of the meal yet. I also planned to make these almond butter blondies. I better make a double batch in case we are snowed in.

paleomg almond butter brownies
Source: PaleOMG almond butter blondies


I’m a morning person. I typically wake up early (around 5:00 am) buzzing with energy. It’s definitely my most creative and productive time of the day. You can imagine what adding a cup of coffee can do to someone like me. My husband has to sometimes tell me to dial it down a bit in the morning. Sorrynotsorry.


So, what does a person who wakes up that early do before leaving the house?


Here’s what a *typical* weekday morning looks like for me. I say “typical” because if one the girls is sick or we have had a rough night I may sleep in a bit and that throws everything off. Like yesterday, for example, a certain someone turned up in our bed.

ashlyn in bed (2)

But, on a normal morning this is what happens:

5:00 am: Alarm goes off. Sometimes I snooze it for 5-10 minutes and then remember the coffee. Coffee! My husband leaves for work around 4:30 am so it’s already made (yasssss!), I will have a cup of coffee with coconut cream or unsweetened vanilla almond milk and occasionally a teaspoon of coconut oil. I usually spend 30 minutes doing something while I drink: writing, emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry, etc.

5:30 am: 20 – 30 minutes of yoga or a quick strength workout (this depends on my gym schedule for the day). I finish with a few minutes of foam rolling and dry brushing. I love this!

6:15 am: Shower and get dressed for work.


6:45 am: I head back downstairs and throw dinner in the crockpot using vegetables I have prepped the night before and a protein (usually chicken or turkey). FYI, I use the crockpot around 3x per week and it’s been a huge time saver. I also get the girls’ smoothies prepped along with their vitamins and water.


7:00 am: Girls up! Sometimes I sit and listen to them chatter away before going into their room. We play in their room for a few minutes, I negotiate a diaper change and ask them approximately 200x to let me get them dressed. I get it…I’d love to stay in my pjs all day, too. Finally we head downstairs.

girls reading

7:30 am: Once downstairs the girls will drink their smoothies and either play with their toys or watch a show. Lately, they haven’t been into sitting at the table in the morning so often they’ll eat standing or sit on the floor. Not worth a battle. I’ll have something to eat as well. Usually it’s a few hardboiled eggs, sautéed spinach and some nuts on the side.

At this point, I will load my bags in the car: laptop, lunch, workout clothes, and anything I need to bring to the girls’ school (extra clothes, gloves, almond milk, etc.). I usually leave with 3+ bags. It’s just easier to do this now rather than when I’m trying to get the girls out.

7:45 – 8:00 am: 15 minutes is spent trying to get the girls to put their shoes and hats on and get into the car. Yes, 15 minutes and that is on a good day. This window of time can be pretty challenging since we always seem to be running late. I throw in my mom tone with repeated requests, threats of Santa/toys/TV, pleading, chasing, and finally I resort to Cheerios. I load the girls up with cups of Cheerios knowing they will inevitably end up on my car floor and we head to school.

8:10 am: Drop girls off at their preschool. I usually chat with the owner and teachers a bit and make sure the girls get settled. They used to cling to me and cry when I left and now they run off and leave me behind (sigh). I walk outside usually feeling a bit sad for leaving them and wave at the window.

8:15 am: pick up a second cup of coffee (usually from Whole Foods or Starbucks) and head to work which is in downtown Durham. At this point in my commute I am about 15 minutes away. I either listen to a TedTalk or call a family member on my drive.

whole foods coffee.JPG

The End.


  1. Don’t apologize for the Cheerios. My latest strategies are to 1) set the home alarm so that my oldest only has 60 seconds to get downstairs and out the door. Some times this happens with him still putting clothes on and carrying shoes…. but we are out the door. On days that I am not on carpool duty, I will say that the carpool is in the driveway for pick up (when in fact they are not here yet). Dang, I think you just inspired a blog post!

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