A morning at urgent care + 14-day yoga challenge

January 26, 2016

Good morning everyone!


Scary thing happened yesterday. Maddie started complaining that her left leg hurt and she wasn’t able to walk or put any weight on it. I called our doctor’s office, but they didn’t have any openings so I brought her to urgent care. Rather, I brought both girls to UC since I was home alone.


It took quite awhile to be seen and then we did an x-ray. Luckily, she has no broken bones so the doctor thinks it could be a strain. I really don’t know how that happened. She wasn’t running around or anything. She didn’t fall. She still can;t walk on it so I have been carrying her around a lot, giving lots of hugs, and tons of snuggles. It doesn’t seem to bother her unless she tries to stand. Poor thing.


Of course, she does think it’s cool that she got a skeleton picture (tiny leg!) and a sticker from the doctor. Plus, mom made some GF banana coconut oatmeal bars to cheer her up (recipe soon!).


I will keep you updated on how she’s doing. If it’s not better in a few days we will need to see a pediatric orthopedic specialist. Please send us some good vibes!


14 day yoga challenge

I recently learned about a 14-day online yoga challenge and I thought you all may like to know about it, too. It’s through a free website that I mentioned before, DoYogaWithMe.com. I really love their videos for at home workouts and my favorite instructor, Fiji McAlpine is leading the challenge. The idea is to practice yoga for 14 days in a row. The challenge officially began on January 10, but you can start on any day. The classes vary in length and focus area(s), but they are all at an intermediate level.


I completed day one on Monday and it felt great. There were a lot of back and hip openers (which I love) and deep stretches. It was a great way to start the day. I am going to try to keep up the challenge for the next 13 days. You should know by now that I lovvveee a good challenge. You should totally join in!

yoga mat

I have been doing yoga for around 10 years, but was a bit noncommittal towards the practice and really didn’t appreciate the benefits. I used to think the only true workout was one that left you dripping with sweat and exhausted. Everything else was a bit pointless. For me, yoga was more like glorified stretching.


After being injured dozens of times I turned to yoga out of frustration. It set me on the right path physically and mentally. Today, I know one of the reasons I stay injury-free is because of yoga. And when I haven’t practiced for a while I can feel the difference in my body.


I also struggle with a “monkey mind”–constantly thinking of things I need to do, worrying about the girls, looming work deadlines, etc. Yoga has helped me quiet my mind and turn off the noise. There have been times in class when I have actually cried because the emotional release has been so overwhelming. Yoga has definitely changed my life.


So even though I cannot make it to class as much as I’d like, I am happy to be able to practice on my own or with two littles.

Okay, have a great day. Let me know if you take the challenge!

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