5 unexpected ways to use coconut oil: the infant and toddler edition

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January 9, 2016


I loveeeee coconut oil and I know many of you do, too. It’s a super food in its own right, but it also has some pretty awesome uses for infants and toddlers. We have used coconut oil with our kids since they were babies and it continues to be a big part of their lives today.


I plan to do a separate post about how I personally use coconut oil, but right now I want to focus on infants and toddlers. There are lots of ways to use coconut oil, but I found the ones below to be particularly helpful with our girls.


Here are my top uses for coconut oil:


1.  Prevent and heal diaper rash: This was our very first use for coconut oil. I would use it several times a day on their tiny, little baby bums and it kept them clean and rash-free due to its anti-inflammatory nature. It’s also antimicrobial so it keeps them free from bacteria. I always carried a small container of it in my diaper bag for easy access.


2.  For skin care: Unlike other mineral oils, there is very little chance of having any type of negative effects from application. I use this as a moisturizer on the girls after their bath. It’s also great for many types of skin irritations, such as baby acne or rashes. My daughter, Madison, suffers from eczema and this has definitely made a difference for her. I apply it whenever she has a flare up.


3.  Treat bug bites: North Carolina has some crazy bugs, especially mosquitoes. The girls spend a lot of time outdoors and inevitably end up with some bites on the bodies. Applying coconut oil helps heal the bite and reduce the itch. It also helps to prevent scars on their delicate skin.


4.  Strengthen the immune system: In addition to its antimicrobial nature, coconut oil has many antiviral properties which helps ward off viruses and bacteria. When the girls act like they might be coming down with something I give them a teaspoon or two or coconut oil to try and boost their immune systems.


5.  Protect teeth: Coconut oil facilitates the absorption of calcium by the body which in turn will help strengthen teeth. Some research also shows it prevents tooth decay and plaque. I find it helpful to keep a container of coconut oil in our bathroom to have it handy. (I keep separate containers for the coconut oil that is ingested and the oil that we use externally.)


We typically buy our coconut oil from Trader Joe’s on the cheap, but you can find it online (and in bulk). Tropical Traditions has the best tasting and highest quality coconut oil out there.


What are some of the ways you have used coconut oil either for your kids or yourself?


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