4 companies that make my life easier

January 29, 2016

There are a few companies out there that have made my life easier and more enjoyable. Some I appreciate even more now that I am a parent. I have listed a few of my faves below and my reasons for loving them so much. Note: this is not a sponsored post. I just really like these companies.

A Fit Mess

Stitch Fix: I love this company so much. In case you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s an online shopping service that selects items for you based on your style profile, budget, height/weight. You pay a monthly fee ($20) that gets applied to any purchase you make. You can manage your shipment frequency (mine comes once a month) and you may skip a delivery at anytime.


This service works for me in so many ways. First, I don’t actually enjoy going to the mall. I’m just not into the hassle of parking, dealing with all the people and the lines. Second, even if I did like going to the mall I just don’t have the time. But more than that, I have trouble picking out clothes and as a result I often choose neutral items. I don’t know what to buy! My personal stylist can choose things that flatter my body type and she always includes items that I wouldn’t have picked for myself but totally work. I receive five items per shipment which includes everything from scarves, jewelry, dresses, and jackets. I often only keep 3 items or so. It adds up! If you buy all 5 items then you receive 25% off.

Here’s a look at some of the items I received in my last two shipments. As you can tell, I am NOT a fashion blogger (awkwardoncamera).

navy scarf 2

This is by far the softest scarf I have ever owned. It’s a rich violet color and light enough to wear indoors or as an outer layer. I have a white long-sleeve shirt that I like to match it with.

black and white stripe shirt

Love this outfit! The shirt is super soft and a tad longer in the back. It also has fun suede patches on the elbows. The skinny jeans are actually navy and they have small zippers on the ankles. Sorry the pic is hard to see. Ugh, my bed is not made!


I am not one to seek out jewelry. I don’t tend to wear it much and, again, I never really know what to buy. These earrings are not too big, but noticeable and unique. Plus gold is just the best.

navy blazer

This navy blazer arrived after I requested one. I have a hard time finding jackets that fit my smaller frame, but this one was prefect. It’s actually cotton so you can dress it up or down. I wish I had taken a picture of the inside. It has these funky stripes that are neat.

amazon prime.PNG

Amazon Prime: Say what you want about this company but they sure do make my life easier. I order everything from Amazon because you can truly buy anything there. We have Subscribe and Save which is a recurring shipment of items we use a lot and tend to run out of (our frequency is once per month). Your delivery is always free and you receive a discount on the items. We get diapers and wipes sent monthly which is so helpful. And who doesn’t love two-day shipping?


Other benefits I enjoy:

  • free video streaming (<-LOVE)
  • free storage of photos in Amazon Cloud Drive (I can never have enough storage for my pictures!)
  • digital lending library using the Kindle app


Target: I moved this down the list so it wouldn’t be completely obvious just how obsessed I am with this place. I mean, who doesn’t love Target? It’s a one-stop-shop for almost everything you need. I’ve tried every which way to stop spending so much money here, but it’s hopeless so don’t try it. Please don’t ask me how many time per week I visit this store. I won’t tell you (4).


Other things I love? Starbucks the instant you walk in. The produce is fairly decent and they carry a lot of natural brands that can often be hard to find in other grocery stores (Synergy, Evolutions, Navitas Naturals to name a few). Clothes! I have so many clothes from Target! And, I’m in love with their household items and decor. My style changes often and I love to mix up decor to create a new space.

FullSizeRender (007)

I also like that they have the dollar(ish) section at the front of the store. I always sometimes bribe my kids with a toy in order to get my shopping done. Of course, they usually choose the most expensive items.


Ways to save:

I use the Cartwheel app, REDperks (which I like because you get rewards and free Sbux from time to time), and I now have the Target debit card (thanks to a tip from a friend!). So, I always have a bit of savings when I shop.


Papa Spud's logo

Papa Spuds: I have a local company to recommend, too. Yes, it’s important to support local businesses – especially local farmers. This is a farm to fork delivery service that arrives right to your doorsteps. They were established in 2008 (which is when we started with them) and they offer over 200 food products from local growers and food artisans. We cancelled our membership when we were buying and selling our home, but I’d love to start back up again. I can’t make it to the farmer’s market on the weekends, so this is a great way to get local items delivered directly to us.

Papa Spud's image

The neat part: you can choose from different shipment sizes and self-select the items you would like to receive or let Papa Spud’s choose for you (which we often did). I kind of like the challenge of receiving something and thinking, Okkkkaayyyy. What is this and how should I cook it? Again, you can skip deliveries if needed without penalty. Their products were always really fresh and high quality. There’s such a difference between locally grown produce and produce from a grocery store.

papa spuds garlic
ONE clove of garlic!

Other companies I have heard great things about but haven’t tried:

Thrive Market

Blue Apron


Has anyone tried any of these companies?


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