Last week’s workouts: back into running, at home workout, Orangetheory and CrossFit

March 27, 2017

Hello! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start! I’m trying to get things wrapped up here before we leave for our trip and it has me a bit scatter-brained at the moment. I plan on totally unplugging when we are in Mexico (besides checking in with the girls) so I’m trying to tie up all the loose ends at work before we head out. Here’s hoping the productivity gods shine down on me over the next few days.


Last night I got a bit sad when I started thinking about leaving the girls (I haven’t been away from them for more than a couple of days). I’m sure they will be fine (they are super excited about having time with grandma), but I am going to miss them like CRAZY! My whole world revolves around them so it’s going to feel really odd to be away from them. I’m sure I’ll be all out of sorts and crying like a baby when we leave {tear}.


But we really need some time away. Matt and I rarely have any time together just the two of us (we “talk” a lot through email and texts since when we’re home it’s usually all about the kids). I’ve convinced him to take a yoga class with me (!) and I’m sure we’ll put together some fun beach workouts to do. I’m definitely someone who likes to exercise while on vacation (I find I’m able to relax more when I include workouts) so I’m looking forward to mixing things up.


Speaking of exercise, last week I included a lot of different workouts. I’m definitely someone who does better with a variety of activities. I haven’t taken a run in several weeks and my body definitely took notice of this. Sometimes it’s easier to just take a class and get told what to do. I was finding it really hard to motivate myself to get out there for a run, but I was glad once I did. That internal talk can be so hard to tune out at times! But, honestly, I never, ever regret working out. I’m very thankful that I’m able to workout as much as I do and I’m so glad to have hobbies I enjoy. And I hope you do, too. Whatever activities you enjoy – whether it’s running, boxing, lifting, or hiking – I truly hope you continue to make time to do these things.


Here’s a look at what I did last week…


Last week’s workouts




  1. 2 back squats EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes (I used 95# pounds for 20 reps)
  2. Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 rounds) – go as fast as possible to earn as much rest time as you can:
    • 15 thrusters (I used 40#)
    • 10 bar facing burpees (it ends up being 20 burpees and jumps over the bar total)



At home – Total Medicine Ball Workout

I did everything the same, but instead of the figure eights I did jump squats. I also substituted the med ball slams for weighted sit ups (I couldn’t risk waking Ashlyn up from her nap).

A Fit Mess








3 Rounds:

  • 1 minute pull ups (my best was 7)
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 1 minute plank
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 1 minute double unders
  • 30 seconds rest


3 Rounds:

  • 1 minute ME cal row (my best was 16)
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 1 minute KB swings (I used a 26# kb)
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 1 minute wall balls (I used a 10# ball)
  • 30 seconds rest



5 mile run outside (I didn’t wear a watch, but I estimate this is how far I ran).






5 mile run outside (this is the crazy-happy face I make after a run when everything is right in the world again). PS – I have got to do a post about some of the affordable and cute workout clothing I have been getting from Forever 21! I bought 4 workout tops and the sports bra below for $50!


Enjoy your evening, friends!



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Weekend happenings: coffee, pancakes, and toddlers

March 27, 2017

Hello to you! How did your weekend go? We got out a bit with the girls on Saturday and Sunday, but spent a lot of time playing around the house. The pollen just dropped here so everything is covered with yellow dust. It’s pretty gross when it’s everywhere so we didn’t spend too much time outside. I can’t wait until it passes.


Here’s a quick recap of our weekend…


Saturday was spent the usual way: coffee (me), smoothies (girls), a workout (me), and errands (again, me). I’ve been enjoying my coffee with steamed almond milk, a small scoop of coconut oil, and cinnamon. So creamy and delicious!

Early morning workout at OTF. I did not participate in the Dri-Tri this time, but if any readers competed in the event I hope you crushed it! The treadmill portion of Saturday’s workout was really challenging, but I’ve been a bit disappointed in the strength work lately.

Matinee with the girls. The girls and I met a friend at the movies to see Beauty and the Beast. I thought it was pretty good, but really long. I’m a firm believer that movies shouldn’t last more than 1.5 hours. This one was well over 2 hours. We were all a bit restless at the end. Parents, I didn’t think the movie was too scary for my kids (they are 3 years old) and there were even younger kids in the audience. The only parts that were a little scary included the wolves.

Of course, there was popcorn and chocolate. #obviously

Sunday morning called for mini gluten-free buttermilk pancakes. Ohmygosh. So delicious!

And more coffee…

Sunday morning I headed out for a run. My legs felt like tree trunks from all the lower body work I’ve been doing lately. It has been out of control. I went easy on this run and stopped a few times to catch my breath and stretch.

Defy Gravity with the girls on Sunday afternoon. They had a ball.

Why, yes, Ashlyn is wearing the same outfit two days in a row. #chooseyourbattles

Outdoor play

We wrapped up our weekend with baked chicken wings, adult beverages, and Netflix.


How was your weekend? Tell me one thing you enjoyed!



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Friday faves 24 + Postmates giveaway!

March 25, 2017

Hey there. Happy weekend! I’m a bit late getting my Friday Favorites post to you (that seems to be the trend lately). I’m sipping on some coffee while the girls play and soon we are headed out to see Beauty and the Beast with my girlfriend. Hoping it’s not too dark and scary for them. Also hoping they share their popcorn with me. 🙂 Okay, let’s get into it!


Friday faves 24


Dermalogica total eye care – I have been using this eye cream for years and I loooovve it. It works really well to hide under eye circles and diminish fine lines. I wear it everyday and I can’t say enough about it. It’s a bit pricey, but you can usually find discounts if you shop around. Amazon carries it fairly cheap.

A Fit Mess

Trader Joe’s GF buttermilk pancake and waffle mix – I bought this the other day to make drop biscuits for the girls’ class. It worked really well and the biscuits turned out great. I haven’t tried to make pancakes or waffles with it yet, but I’m sure they’re delicious.

TJ’s single serving packages of guacamole – I love these! They are so easy to toss into your lunch bag or purse. They are the perfect portion size, too.

D3 Excellence by Poliquin Group – Vitamin D is essential for bone and immune health and blood sugar regulation. I take one soft gel daily (5,000 IU) during the colder months. It’s currently on sale ($21.50) through March 31!

This total medicine ball workout – I made a few modifications (I’m not coordinated enough to do figure eights with a ball), but kept the workout basically the same. It was quick and dirty and one I will definitely do again.

A Fit Mess

KT tape – One month into CrossFit and my body is feeling a bit banged up. My hands and wrists, in particular, are feeling sore and achy. I’ve started wrapping my hands a bit with KT tape and it has really improved my grip. I’m hoping that this will provide a bit more support through my workouts.

And now an awesome Postmates giveaway!

Here’s a BIG offer from Postmates for anyone looking to try the service. Use my code 9ktcg and get $100 in delivery fee credit to use on your first few orders! Limited time offer. 

Have a great weekend, friends!

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Low energy + focus issues: How to naturally boost your energy levels

March 23, 2017
A Fit Mess

Hey there. How’s it going today? Happy almost-Friday-almost-the-weekend. I hope you are doing well.


I’m not sure what it is, but lately I have been feeling out of sorts. Maybe it’s adjusting to Daylight Savings, maybe it’s work, or maybe I’m just feeling worn out (seriously, vacation can’t come soon enough!). Whatever the reasons, I’ve been feeling low—both mentally and physically—and that’s just not me.


I don’t know about you, but when I feel my energy and mood drop I tend to reach for two things: coffee and sugar. And while I’m a big (BIG) fan of coffee, I find that if I have more than three cups per day I get the shakes and have trouble sleeping at night. And I’m sure I’m alone in my habit of reaching for M&Ms and trail mix when I start feeling a bit blah. That temporary sugar high inevitably leaves me feeling crappy and low.


In order to combat some of the sluggishness I’ve been feeling lately I’ve rounded up a list of all the natural ways I like to boost my energy levels. These may be especially helpful if you work in an office setting (cube-dweller right here!) and often find yourself in the mid-afternoon funk. I hope you find these beneficial, friends!

A Fit Mess


Citrus and peppermint

Citrus is great for revitalizing energy. I keep a small bottle of sweet orange essential oil on my desk and put a few drops on my wrists when I need a quick pick-me-up. You can also rub it between your hands (the heat releases the oil) and take a few deep breaths. It’s a bright and fresh scent that really gives me some extra energy. I also love this Tuscan Blood Orange body lotion by Pacifica.

Peppermint can also be used to recharge and can be found in items like oils, diffusers, candles.


Rosewater spray 

One of my favorite ways to wake-up is with this Nourishing Rosewater Mist by Beautycounter. It’s light, refreshing and just delightful. I spray it a few times over my face whenever I need a little energy or want to boost my complexion. I especially love to use it after the work day or when I’m travelling and have been stuck in an airplane or car. It smells amazing, too.


Green tea

Green tea is a great alternative to coffee. I’ve been sipping on this honey lemon ginseng one by Celestial Seasonings and it’s by FAR my favorite. I do not consider myself a tea person by any stretch of the word, but I make an exception with this one because it’s very mild and slightly sweet. Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine as well as other health benefits (such as increased metabolism and better body composition). I enjoy a cup at my desk a few times per week.


Get outside

If you’ve hit that mid-day energy slump, get up from your desk and head outside. Even a 10 minute walk around your office building (or neighborhood) will do your body some good. The sun is a natural energy booster. On top of that, fresh air and a change of scenery are extremely beneficial. If I’m facing a mental block or need to generate some ideas, taking a short stroll always get my creative juices flowing.

Drink water!

One of the biggest causes of feeling sluggish is often dehydration. This feeling is typically accompanied by a headache, muscle tension, and mental fog. It’s hard to remember to drink water (I struggle with this myself), but keeping a water bottle on you at all times is a simple way to remember to drink up. Plus, there are about a million other reasons to drink more water.


Talk to someone

Usually a quick call to my sister or a friend will bring me back up to normalcy. If my energy is low at work then I’ll take a walk around the office and chat with a few colleagues. The simple act of engaging in a conversation with another person is a great way to get my spirits up. Most of my conversations include a bit of laughter (what can I say, I love humor!) so I really enjoy connecting with others.


Break a sweat

Getting a quick workout in recharges my battery like nothing else. Breaking a sweat, lifting heavy things, even just stretching is an excellent way to bring energy levels back up and set you on the right path. Of course, it may take some extra motivation to get you out the door, but when I’m feeling low I tell myself to just run for 20 minutes or stretch for 10 minutes. Often I end up doing more because once I’ve started to move I feel better and keep going.

Need some quick workout ideas? Check out my Workouts page.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading!



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